Access to Mobility

At M Auto, we have conducted extensive research to understand all the obstacles that an individual faces in using electric vehicles. From this analysis, we found a lack of accessibility across Africa’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network. With the offer of petroleum and diesel vehicles due to end in 2030, M Auto is focusing on charge point accessibility to ensure individuals are not deprived and left behind in this future shift. 

With our range of access-to-mobility solutions, users can easily avail their own electric vehicles within minutes. Moreover, we have set up more than 1000+ stations across Benin and Togo to enable our users to charge or swap their batteries as per their needs.

Our goal is to provide authorized service-hotspots with routine servicing and quality requirements. We configure an alert system in the vehicles to keep track of them. Anybody can now own a vehicle. We accept full responsibility again for the EV and its owner’s safety. And that’s not all – M Auto offers a comprehensive insurance policy. 

We have designed a variety of three-wheelers based on public demand. Farmers from rural areas will benefit greatly. Our various verticals also make urban mobility easier. We intend to reach the last milestone.

M Capital

Leasing solutions for users allow them to own an M Auto Electric Vehicle of
their choice in simple steps.

M Swap & Go

A vast network of M Auto Battery Swapping Stations extend the riding
capabilities of EVs for longer miles.

What Keeps Us Enthusiastic About Access to Mobility

To build a thriving transport sector, a country needs good transport infrastructure. However, most of Africa is still underdeveloped in this regard. West Africa, like many other countries, suffers from a lack of public transportation. They don’t even have any clearly defined public-benefit schemes. Due to the sheer low GDP of 80 percent of the population, they cannot afford to own a four-wheeler. Even the upper middle class owns foreign-purchased used cars. Bicycles and taxis are the most common means of transportation.

We are an environmentally-charged business aiming to alter the electric mobility industry in Africa. We want to sustainably impact how we approach logistics and passenger travel while ensuring quality, safety and comfort. The goal at M Auto is to construct a universally sustainable business that enables and supports the biological system and the economy from the grassroots level to fabricate a superior future for the world we live in.


No, our electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine. It comes standard with a 3kW AC
Induction motor that runs on a LifePo4,60V,140A Lithium-ion battery.

The MAuto M-SAARAK has a range of 70-90km*.

Typically, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a battery. However, with our
Swapping stations across the cities, you can easily extend your mobility without any

Access To Mobility