29 Jun, 19
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Electric and Fuel vehicles! A comparison by Mother Nature.

Well, let’s keep monetary aspects aside. What are the environmental aspects of electric vehicles?

Emissions from fuel vehicles are not just bad for the planet, but they’re really bad for our health as well. Air pollutants from gasoline lead to cancer, bronchitis, and even premature death. In fact, one of the primary causes of fine particulate matter pollution is gasoline and pollution from diesel-run car engines.

Even when it comes to carbon footprints, electric vehicles are much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Even when the energy for an electric vehicle comes from the dirtiest grid in the state, it still has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than a fuel vehicle.

Throughout their lifetime, electric vehicles completely outperform fuel vehicles when it comes to emissions and pollution. So if you’re concerned about mother nature, and are wondering what she thinks about electric vehicles, you have your answer.

18 Jun, 19
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5 Reasons you NEED to be concerned about eco-friendly travel!

Climate Change and global warming don’t seem to be going anywhere.

  • CO2 levels – We hit record CO2 levels in 2020. We hit 417 parts per million in May 2020. The last time CO2 levels were this high was 4 million years ago. The way you choose to travel REALLY matters.
  • Record heat – The past decade was the hottest this planet has ever been. The temperatures triggered the largest wildfires ever recorded in California, Colorado, and Australia.
  • Arctic Ice – In June 2020, the temperature reached 38C in eastern Siberia. That’s the hottest ever recorded in the Arctic Circle.
  • Permafrost – Permafrost contains a huge amount of greenhouse gases, including CO2 and methane which get released into the environment when it thaws. And this happens when temperatures increase.
  • Deforestation – Since 1990, the world has lost 178 million hectares of forest. The soil in forests stores about 45% of all carbon on land. And when we lose forests, the soil is disturbed and the CO2 is released into the atmosphere.
  • The world is heading towards a point of no return. And we must do everything in our power to prevent reaching that point. Change the way you think. Change the way you travel. It’s time to think about the future of our existence.
  • Knowing what to do only makes sense when you take the action and apply it. Let us know the ONE small change you’re going to make today in the comments below. Let’s help the planet together 🙂
10 Jun, 19
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Some fun facts you might not know about EVs around the world

Silence turned out to be an issue! – Electric vehicles were built to be sleek, silent, and peaceful vehicles that emit almost 0 noise. However, that turned out to be an issue after EVs started sneaking up on unexpecting cyclists and pedestrians! In Europe, a new rule was imposed on EV manufacturers that made it mandatory for the vehicles to emit a slight artificial noise that would alert cyclists and pedestrians!

The “Dog Mode” – Ever been in situations where you have to leave your pet in the car but you’re afraid the car might get too hot? Tesla introduced a new solution with an “overheat cabin protection” function that keeps it cool when pets are left inside. And they named this feature the “dog mode”.

There is an abundance of charging stations in some places around the world – For example, in the UK, there are now 8471 charging stations and 8400 petrol stations. And the number of petrol stations is actually decreasing! This is bound to happen everywhere in the world as soon as everyone gains awareness about the benefits and economical advantages of EVs.

Electric vehicles were cool before they were cool? – In the early 1900s, electric cars were way more popular than gas-powered vehicles. In fact, 38% of all American cars were electric while only 22% were powered by fuel. The rest were powered by what you ask? The rest 40% were powered by steam! But by the 1920s, their popularity had declined as there was more demand for cars with a better range. In 2021, history is repeating itself. But all the signs point towards a permanent revolution this time.

Know anything super fun about EVs that we missed here? Drop it in the comments below!

08 May, 19
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Four simple ways you can extend the battery life of your EV

Say no to high temperatures – Don’t park in super-hot areas. Especially if your EV has an automatic temperature regulation system, it will needlessly drain your batteries. Always try to park in areas with shade or if you must park it in a hot area, try and plug it in so that the thermal management system only uses grid power instead of your batteries.

Try not to charge up to 100% all the time – Yes, a full charge will give you the maximum operation time, but it might not be the best thing for the overall life span of your batteries. If you can get your daily commute done with a 75-80% charge, don’t charge the car completely.

Fast charging is great? – Fast charging is super convenient. It really is. It can be a lifesaver sometimes. But it also takes a toll on the batteries as it pushes in a lot of current in a very short period and strains the batteries. So standard charge whenever possible. Eight years of standard charging will give you around 10% more battery life compared to eight years of fast charging.

Timed charging is a great option – Don’t leave your EV with 0% or 100% charge. The battery will struggle to keep its state of charge when you’re away. So time the charging in such a way that you’re not leaving your vehicle in a charged state for too long.

Know of any other ways that might help improve the battery life of an EV? Let us know in the comments!