Human Ingenuity at the Heart of Change

Incredible and talented humans are at the core of every transformation at M Auto. Our exceptionally skilled teams continually achieve new heights of excellence by working together to pursue our shared purpose – to deliver on the promise of innovation and human resourcefulness. Come, be part of our efforts to drive innovation and sustainability. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and assurance to have an effect. Together, let’s make the world a more innovative and sustainable place.

Build Your Career

Characterizing the future of how the world carries on with work implies no day is the same and involves constant learning. You’ll be your own Chief Learning Officer, constructing a wide range of abilities from an organization of associates with profound proficiency, utilizing consistently accessible assets, and attempting to address issues.

What You Can Do Here

You can pose better inquiries to find improved solutions. You can motivate change and entryways. You can learn and lead. You could be the best of yourself by helping with building a dynamic working world. Investigate what’s conceivable in M Auto and across M Auto Services.

What it’s like to Work at MAuto

An excellence-focus work culture starts with individuals at M Auto who are building it consistently. Imagine having the opportunity to tweak the profession you imagine, where a comprehensive, strong culture opens ways to exceptional career opportunities.

Building a Talent Pipeline

M Auto perceives the significance of creating a qualified workforce to construct the fate of electric vehicles. Thus, we support instructive and internship positions to nurture the talent pipeline. Each partner at M Auto has access to Grow Your Career, which fills in as a one-stop asset for all career development resources.

Why M Auto?

Africa has one of the world’s youngest and fastest-growing populations. with people under the age of 25 accounting for roughly 60% of the total population and nearly half of the world’s youth. However, an in-depth analysis reveals that many of Africa’s youth workforce is engaged in the informal sector, where wages are predominantly low and social protection schemes are scarce. People in this region are forced to do menial jobs just to survive. Elevated unemployment and underemployment in a country impose inflated costs on individuals and can be extremely detrimental to society’s economy, and prolonged unemployment may lead to an erosion of skills as well as increased skepticism and pessimism.

The electric vehicle industry has come a long way, with manufacturers making significant strides in terms of technology and consumer acceptance. Aside from experts with automotive manufacturing experience, the production and maintenance of electric vehicles will open new doors to diverse fields for most young people. We pioneered the idea of providing vocational training to diploma graduates, aspiring amateurs, and especially women, besides focusing on the occupational priorities of this sector. We intend to expand into ten more countries, creating at least 10,000 new job opportunities, with 3000 new hires in Togo and Benin.


No, our electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine. It comes standard with a 3kW AC
Induction motor that runs on a LifePo4,60V,140A Lithium-ion battery.

The MAuto M-SAARAK has a range of 70-90km*.

Typically, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a battery. However, with our
Swapping stations across the cities, you can easily extend your mobility without any

Employment Opportunities