Fight Against Climate Change

M Auto has a vision of changing the way the world moves. We believe that the rapid change to electric mobility is crucial to building a sustainable future for all. For over 10 years, our main goal has remained the same – to make technological advancements that accelerate the transformation to electric-powered transportation. Our larger goal is to contribute to sustainability by reducing the dependency on non-renewable energy. 

We’re focused on safeguarding the environment by making it simple and feasible for drivers to go electric. With more than 400 charging and swapping stations across the nation, we cover most of the major urban areas, allowing customers to stay within 10 miles of the charging area. Together, we enable organizations and individuals to tidy up the air and tackle environmental change.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Having considered the action items of UN Climate Action Goal 13, we’ve set an ambitious target of manufacturing 200,000 bikes in our first year. It aims to
convert 70% of mobility to EV over the next five years in Africa, resulting in a low-carbon economy. Looking at an even larger picture, we aim to impact a
substantial shift while instituting the vehicle-replacement strategy on a global scale.

Not Just Air-Pollution Control

Although we are concerned about air pollution, we are oblivious to the noise annoyance precipitated by vehicular road traffic, which provokes frequent uneasiness, headaches, sleep disruption, depression, severe anxiety, behavioral changes, and possibly other ailments. Switching off the engine roars of motor vehicles can impact the health and well-being of humans and wildlife alike.

The loudest sound EVs will generally make is clamor brought about by the tires or the breeze at high paces. Notwithstanding, it implies that individuals should be more careful about street well-being. With fewer commotion, people should listen more, trust their ears, and walkers should search for vehicles before going across the streets.

Sustainability at the Core of Our Method

Launched in 2015, we’ve been the main EV charging network functioning with 100% environment-friendly energy. For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed on our station, M Auto buys a related kWh Renewable Energy Credit (REC) from a licensed REC provider. M Auto users are assured that they’re supporting clean energy and assisting us with handling environmental change with each charge.

M Auto utilizes the feature-rich, hi-tech innovation to assist with emission reduction, including the latest low emission vehicles; more aerodynamic decked trailers; increased length trailers with 15% added space; driver training programs that lift eco-friendly driving abilities; and fleet-wide telematics to report and advance eco-friendliness.


No, our electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine. It comes standard with a 3kW AC
Induction motor that runs on a LifePo4,60V,140A Lithium-ion battery.

The MAuto M-SAARAK has a range of 70-90km*.

Typically, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a battery. However, with our
Swapping stations across the cities, you can easily extend your mobility without any

Fight Against Climate Change