Bridging the Gender Divide

In this competitive world, we characterize diversity as purposeful work to accommodate the full spectrum of human experience. “Appreciating
everyone as an individual, valuing people as employees, customers, and clients,” according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
(CIPD) definition of diversity. Gender diversity is not just part of our vision but also central to the M Auto culture. Since our inception, we have pursued a
gender-diverse and inclusive work culture while implementing fair compensation practices.

Our ultimate goal over the last decade has been to empower women by integrating them into all segments, elevating them to positions of authority, and
providing them with fortitude and expertise. Today, more than half of our workforce is female, continuing a trend earnestly started by our co-founder, Ms.
Yasmeen Jawahar Ali, who believes that “Every woman has a voice, a voice that can change the world.”

Benefits of gender diversity in the workplace

An Intersectional Approach to Diversity

Women in West Africa make up more than half of the cohort and are more economically active with entrepreneurial ambitions. They aspire to achieve a long-term transformation by building sustainable businesses that contribute to the growth of their respective economies. In this #Blackgirlmagic era, we would be the first automotive brand in Africa to employ women not only in battery manufacturing and charging/swapping infrastructure but also in the fleet and factory, so strengthening a women-empowered society.

Furthermore, we hope to provide multifaceted technical training programs in close cooperation with self-help groups and non-governmental organizations in terms of improving the well-being of underprivileged rural women. Our overarching goal is to support uneducated, undereducated, impoverished, divorced, widowed women, and anyone else who deserves it.


No, our electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine. It comes standard with a 3kW AC
Induction motor that runs on a LifePo4,60V,140A Lithium-ion battery.

The MAuto M-SAARAK has a range of 70-90km*.

Typically, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a battery. However, with our
Swapping stations across the cities, you can easily extend your mobility without any

Gender Diversity