M Capital

Unlike traditional vehicle-ownership models (where a customer has to buy or commit to the vehicle until their EMI or loan gets paid off)- M Auto offers a unique “pay as you go” model. Users can choose from buying a bike CAPEX free, even after owning it as per their requirement. Our month-to-month plan covers insurance, services, and maintenance. Also, there are no drawn-out responsibilities – you can return, extend, or purchase the vehicle when you need it. And this is at a cost less expensive than an EMI! Considering this, we plan make the most substantial shift conceivable through Electric vehicle production, which will have far-reaching implications in terms of climate change and sustainability. Since this M Capital process is entirely digital, the vehicle’s movement can be easily tracked, allowing us to keep tabs on both the owner and the vehicle.

Customized Plans to Accommodate Our Clients Per Their Needs

Fast Processing

Select your vehicle, Connect with our executives, and avail bike within minutes

Setting-Up Your Bike

After nitty-gritty quality checks and profound cleaning, take home your new ride

Return Anytime or Extend

Keep utilizing the vehicle or return it, or you can choose to claim it as well.

Fleet Services

Create a Fleet of Vehicles on your own that supports your business plan.

Why Choose M Capital?

The pay-as-you-go or M Capital model’s advantages incorporate complete insurance cover, emergency aid, free assistance/support, intermittent services, and doorstep delivery. Moreover, clients will likewise get an EV charger that they could install at their home or office. The membership model is tailor-made for corporates who like to rent, people with successive intra-city city travel, and expatriates who stay for a decent time.


Minimum to Zero Down payment, for example, initial investment or road tax, adaptability of buying in for a minimum of 1 month. Insurance and maintenance are included in monthly charges, 24X7 street side help, and bother free

Indeed, you can expand the vehicle whenever at typical costs or decide to return
the vehicle whenever simply by paying the cost differences.

Your vehicle will be covered by insurance, to deal with such cases. In each instance of harm, your obligation would be restricted to pay the differences between the expenses caused to fix the harm and the returns from the insurance claim. In circumstances of reckless driving, there could be optional cases for this arrangement, by which you could be at risk of compensating for the complete damage.

M Capital