Swap, Charge, Go! Speeding up EV transportation

Battery swapping redefines EV charging by supplanting a drained battery with a completely energized one. Battery swapping is a proven way to decrease vehicle costs and ensure quick, effective charging. This also addresses the common challenge of purchasing new battery packs and the monetary feasibility of working Electric Vehicles. We are introducing the largest and most dense swapping network and world-class infrastructure. At multiple M Auto Battery Swapping Stations, any rider or driver of an electric vehicle with a battery running out of charge can go and trade their discharged batteries from the vehicle for a completely charged one.

Swapping Station Features

Swapping Network

Multiple stations for battery swapping across different locations in Benin and Togo

Minimal costs

Users need to pay just for the electricity consumed or can subscribe to a monthly plan

Quick Installation

Swap discharged battery from the Station with a Charged One in 2-3 mins

Extended Battery Life

Slow charging batteries at stations increase battery life

Why M Swap n’ Go?

EV batteries lose range throughout the long term. Be that as it may, with a swap framework, clients pay for electricity and batteries as they are utilized. That could mean lower upfront vehicle costs and expanded driving experience, as batteries improve. This is a completely digitized system in which customers can exchange their old used batteries for new ones at these swapping stations. These stations will initially be managed manually, but they will eventually become self-sufficient and autonomous. By 2024, M Auto plans on overarching a goal of installing a swapping station every 1 kilometer across Africa. Battery charging demands no downtime and can be completed in much less time than it takes to fuel an IC engine vehicle. Above all, we want to provide the best mobility service possible for both urban and rural citizens, as well as reach the last milestone.


The EV is driven into a booth where the depleted battery is removed from the vehicle and replaced with a fully charged power pack.

Typically, with charging stations, users had to wait for their vehicle to charge, forcing them to lose valuable time. But with a Swapping network, one can immediately replenish their discharged battery and save quality time.

M Swap n’ Go